513 national deputies and 1,059 deputies for regional assemblies. BRASILIA, July 20 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's eligible voters would reach 135.8 million in the general elections in Octo.

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s should take in every phase of coping with a catastrophe. The Chilean government has played an important role in dealing with the earthquake, analysts say. The government has estab.

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at half the fee that the agency currently charges, according to the plan. This is Obama's latest move to help homeowners struggling with a depressed housing market, which also drag.

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to the harbor, destroying about 35 boats and ripping chunks off the wooden docks. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- Facing a worsening budget crisis, California Governor Jerry Brow.

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ople were injured. There are still 31 pilgrims in hospital and 10 of them are in a serious condition, said the Health Ministry via an official communication. Around 200 people were.

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aws - the majority of states have not yet done so - which ensure that sex trafficking victims are not treated as criminals and that prostitution convictions be expunged from thei .

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y, the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya cited rebel sources as reporting. The unnamed sources said they could hear the attacks from near the Bab Al-Aziziyah, and bombings could also be hear.

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ght on the scene. Pinera also announced on Monday the restructuring of the Geology and Mining National Service, which is in charge of the operation of the mining industry. Meanwhile.

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news release. BP and the federal science team were reviewing the results and "a recommendation on the path forward" was expected to go to Thad Allen, the U.S. national commander f.

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